Bench Soft Achieved CES 2016 Innovation Award!

Bench Soft Receives 2016 CES Innovation Awards with "No Plugging" USB Flash Memory

Press Release 11.16. 2015

Bench Soft (CEO Dong-Hun Lee) has garnered much attention from the market with its unprecedented type of USB memory device.
Xl.i.CON Flash Memory” is Bench Soft’s USB flash memory that sticks like a magnet when it is used with its ingenious iPhone smartphone case made with the X-Link technology. CES recognized Bench Soft's remarkable idea, and gave the award to the USB flash memory and case set.

The CES Innovation Awards is held every Januaray in Las Vegas. It has given award to a wide array of outstanding electronics, from smartphones to wearable devices, and gaming devices to 3D printers.
The smartphone case known by the product name “Xl.i.CON Case,” which is used together with the magnetic USB flash memory, has both D+/D- of USB standards and 2pin for power at the four contact points to make it simple and easy to connect to PCs, audios, and automobiles that support USB interface.

Xl.i.CON Flash Memory” can be connected to iPhones with “Xl.i.CON Case.” It boasts data transmitting technology via a magnetic-type port, instead of an insert-type one. 
The wireless chargerXl.i.CON PowerBank” for iPhone 6s, which was launched on the U.S. crowdfunding website Kickstarter last September, also uses Bench Soft’s X-Link magnetic port to charge the phone. The charging speed is as fast as that of regular wire chargers, yet does not sacrifice the energy efficiency. 

One Bench Soft official said, “The X-Link that we developed is an innovative technology that can be applied to various products, including auxiliary batteries, docks, and USB drives, as well as digital earphones. This year, we will showcase a total of three products at CES 2016, and we will also develop video devices, including 4K and thermal cameras.”
In addition to its award-winning product, Bench Soft has launched digital earphones and USB Hubs, which also utilize X-Link technology.


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